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Traditional Cherry Desktop Clock

This nifty desktop clock sports a traditional look and was inspired by a plan we found online. Inspired by. Naturally we couldn’t just follow a plan. The basic structure of the clock is according to plan, but we modified the front by inserting small glass squares in the clock face to indicate the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock hours. Additionally, we decided that instead of inserting a decorative tile below the clock face, we wanted to add in stained glass. So we created a festive, colorful design of glass and soldered it together for this space. Naturally, once we made this modification, we had to create a light source and so we added an LED bulb within the body of the clock (the clock itself runs on battery but the bulb is electric).

The case consists of two side panels attached to two corner pieces which are, in turn, attached with a series of three rails using blind tenons. It is made of cherry and the top and clock face are of spalted hard maple to add visual interest. The back panel is African Sapele attached with a series of small screws and is easily removed when the clock battery needs to be replaced or should the bulb burn out. The grains and colors of these woods were enhanced with multiple coats of shellac (amber shellac for the cherry wood and clear shellac for the spalted maple).

This clock measures 14” tall x 10” wide (at the top panel, 8” wide at the base) x 4” deep.

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