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Tulip Trio (Mixed Media Art)

Continuing the botanical theme started with the peonies, we were searching for ‘tall, thin’ specimens we could squeeze onto these 12x4 canvases and hit on the idea of tulips. Our investigations of this species opened our eyes to the incredible variety out there! Accustomed to just the standard specimens, we had no idea how zany these plants can really get. Perfect for our sensibilities. But even these we had to do over the top! The first is an outrageous take on the delicate Fringe Tulip. Ours is made from white satin, with hot pink leather for the fringe, and green leather for the stem. Next we have the Rembrandt Tulip. Picking up on the clear, vivid markings of this type, we did ours from fluorescent acrylics squeezed directly onto the canvas right from the tube. Finally, there is the Parrot Tulip. We made our version of this fluffiest of all tulips from crumpled/crackled tissue papers, spot adhered in layers to the canvas, to create a lovely 3D effect. All three were done on deep, gallery wrap canvases thickly painted black to make them stand out. And then to unify them, we mounted those canvases on a rectangle of birch veneer plywood wrapped in a deep red faux suede fabric. This piece is the height of silliness! It measures 18” wide x 14” high x 2 1/2” deep.

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