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Walnut and Stained Glass Case Light

This case light is based precisely on the two ‘mini’ walnut case lights made not long ago. The case is constructed of black walnut and has had evenly spaced grooves routed out around all sides for a decorative touch. The interior likewise has had grooves routed out, one on either side, to hold the two soldered glass panels in place. The glass panels consist of designs of rectangles of various sizes, in keeping with the modern styling of the case, and each side has its own color scheme to offer different moods. This light has no front or back—we love the look on both sides! As usual, we added blackening patina to the solder joints to rid the panels of that shiny chrome look, and we elevated the case just a bit on squared off feet to let the power cord shift freely from side to side. The walnut was finished off with multiple coats of hand rubbed oil and urethane in a satin finish.

The light inside the case is a long life LED bulb attached to a 6’ cord with an inline switch. The case does not open up. Instead, the bulb is in a socket with squeezable tabs on it that enable it to be removed and reinserted should the bulb burn out. This case light measures 9” x9” square, and is 2 1/2” deep (the feet extending out a bit further than this for added stability).

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