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Waterfall Sconces

Check out this pair of accent lighting wall sconces made from African Sapele wood and stained glass. Each light consists of a face of African Sapele wood, shaped into the form of riverbanks, and then rabbeted on the back side to house a piece of blue, clear and white stained glass symbolizing the whitewater and waterfall. The box behind the face is also made of African Sapele, and houses the battery pack and two long-life LED bulbs that illuminate the face when switched on via the rocker switch mounted on the side of the box. The lights use two D size batteries, which are included, and will run for approximately 100 hours before the batteries need replacing via the easy access back panel. The lighting in these sconces is deliberately subtle, intended to accent an entryway, a fireplace mantel, or a side table—anywhere you might want an extra artistic touch whether they are illuminated or not. But it should be noted, due to the construction design, the inner workings of light bulbs and wires are somewhat visible when these lights are switched on. Think ‘urban loft’ style, where everything is exposed. If you don’t go in for this kind of modern, techno, industrial look, maybe these aren’t the lights for you.

These sconces are finished with a wipe-on oil based urethane that yields a delicate satin sheen. They measure 8 1/2” wide x 10 1/2” tall across the front face, with the box housing measuring approximately 7” x 7” x 2”.

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