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Yellow/Silver Tree Quilt

This quilt belongs firmly in the category of “art quilt”, designed to be hung, not used as a throw or on a bed. We had been saving a piece of drapery/upholstery fabric of beautiful leaves for a while, unsure how to best showcase it. Finally, we cut that small piece in half and cut all of the leaves apart from one another to form this beautiful tree. This is a pure applique style quilt. The front and backing are solid pieces of black cotton fabric, and all of the tree components on the front are machine-appliqued. The trunk and ‘root’ sections are a silver-grey cotton that matches the silver-grey of the leaves, and were hand cut and styled to create a rustic, natural looking “bark”. The edges of the fabrics were not turned under before sewing down, to add to the rough look of this tree. Also, some of the leaves were sewn on either with small sections left loose or ‘bunchy’ to create the look of bulk. All of this is intended to add dimension and movement to the piece. The bright yellow border, matching the yellow of the leaves, is also a basic cotton, chosen to really bring out the colors of the leaves. The top piece of border was left open to accommodate a hanging rod of your own choosing or design (not included with the quilt). It will accommodate a standard narrow curtain rod, or you might get an itch to create your own hanger from wood. (We used to create hangers for our quilts, but it is much more difficult to ship with a long hanger than with a folded quilt alone.)

This quilt is pretty large, measuring approximately 46” wide x 82” long.

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