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Mr. Walnut

This is the third item in our line of wood sculpture from cut-offs, that is, "pure art" objects of no function/utility, created democratically from cut-offs of cut-offs and designed with the goal of adding joy to other peoples lives. We get great satisfaction out of making items that add zest to the lives of others from materials that many other people consider "sub par". We take a democratic approach to our search for and use of materials. In our new sculpture line, we take it one step further: we are making art from the cut-offs of cut-offs! These pieces are made from the 'scraps' that we created in our own workshop in the process of making other things. We hope people get as much fun out of having them around as we do out of making them.

This item was a while in the making. We had been studying the starting point feature--the head--for this item for quite a while. It was the center cut-away from the wood shade at the top of our Abstract Walnut and Ash Art Lamp. Recently, we finally found the body in the form of four leftover end pieces from our pair of Mid Century Walnut and Glass Block lamps. As soon as we formed a little rectangle from those scraps, we knew we had the body for the head, and Mr. Walnut was born. Quickly, we selected the leftover pieces from our Walnut and Stained Glass Lamp (experiments in groove depth and joinery done on the router) and formed his legs. We attempted the same type of construction for his arms but the results were unsatisfactory, so we elected to create his arms, like his feet and hair, from paper mache. A batch of paper mache was formed and left to dry. It was then cut into walnut leaf shapes on the bandsaw, and these were sanded and painted with acrylic. We drilled holes in his legs, body and head to hold the 'stems' formed from small dowel rods. We also gave him a little cluster of walnuts made of glass beads to adorn his stomach. The legs are attached via dowels to the underside but are left loose so as to swivel for changing positions, and his head likewise rotates atop his body.

He is finished in a hand rubbed oil and urethane satin finish and measures 21" x 8" x 7" when posed sitting.

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