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Holistic Healing "Tool Box"

This was a project for a repeat customer sparked from our design of the "Green Paulownia Box with Carved Circles and Thread Spool Legs" (which is not for sale).  This box is also made of the wonderful, lightweight Paulownia wood.  The sides, bottom and lid are 1" thick, with mitre cut, biscuit joined corners, a rabbeted in bottom, and a thin rabbet on the underside of the rounded-over, lift-off lid to allow it to remain seated in its proper place.  Like the original Circles Box, this box has a hand carved circles design that wraps around the sides and over the top of the lid.  On the lid, this carved design is enhanced by additional circles cut clean through that hold assorted pieces of translucent stained glass to allow 'peek a boo' looks into the interior of the box.  


Inside, the box consists of 20 individual compartments, made from a removable system of lap-jointed Paulownia strips, customized according to customer specifications.  Each of these compartments is padded by an individual lining consisting of thick green felt, some hand stitched to other layers of assorted fabrics to provide a little visual variety.  This padding is removable, being secured around the top perimeters only, and tucks into position to cushion the delicate item it holds.  The coloring of the wood was matched (as nearly as possible) to the green of the original box with multiple layers of acrylic paints inside and out, and the fabrics were then chosen to coordinate with that color and to smooth out and unify the visual field within the interior grid of wood to avoid over cluttering.


Instead of thread spool legs, this box rests upon 2" tall Paulownia feet shaped in the classic 'Mid Century' shape and recessed to coordinate with the overall Mid Century look of the circles design and fabric choices and give the box a look of floating.  The box measures 21" long x 9" tall (including the feet) x 11" deep.  

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