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Hawaiian Koa Dichroic Glass Block Lamp

We loved the pair of Mid Century Modern walnut lamps we made using a matched pair of dichroic glass blocks several months ago, so much so that we tried to locate other glass blocks like those.  So far, we have failed.  We have been holding off using our last block, but finally decided the prominent gold color featured in this diamond/block cut would be a perfect match with the golden tones of some Hawaiian Koa.  This time, we wanted to keep the low profile, chunky look of the block itself, so rather than elevate the glass on a thick base and steel legs, we elected to craft small Koa feet to give the block just enough elevation to let the electrical cord snake through.  Other than that, the construction of the wood case was the same this time around.  We mitre cut the four sides and rabbeted a groove along the inner sides wide enough to let the wood slide over the glass block and deep enough to allow for multiple wraps of the LED strip lights contained within.  The sides and top are permanently attached to each other with biscuits and glue, but the bottom of the case is held on with small brass screws to allow for removal of the glass block in the unlikely event that the long life LED lights burn out.  


This light is beautiful whether turned on or off.  The LED lights create a wonderful glow through this dichroic glass, but even when the lamp is off, the natural light in the room will reflect off and through the block in amazing ways, changing color and tone depending upon your angle of view.  It is terrific for unique accent lighting.


The Hawaiian Koa is finished with multiple coats of water based polyurethane in a semi gloss finish that compliments the shine of the glass, and the LED lights have a 6 foot cord with an in line switch.  This lamp measures 8 1/2" wide x 9" tall (including the feet) x 4" deep.

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