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Tasmanian Blackwood Mid-Century Modern Lamp

We enjoyed creating a "slab style" lamp from Koa several months ago and wanted to do another one. This time we were afforded the opportunity to work for the first time with a beautiful chunk of Tasmanian Blackwood acquired on a recent trip to a regional lumberyard. From the raw chunk we cut away a curvy Mid Century style central slab with a naturally occurring but partially occluded valley that looked perfect for housing the central steel rod upon which would rest our custom shade. We drilled through this valley to finish the pathway for the rod, cut the rod to fit and threaded both ends in order to secure it to the slab and the shade. We also created some cute feet from the Blackwood with complimentary Mid Century curves to give the slab a bit of elevation. The slab is finished with satin oil and urethane hand rubbed finish, and the custom shade is of linen. The finial on top is hand crafted from Bubinga wood by another Etsy retailer (Picinae Studios). We selected it as the topper for our lamp because the color and styling compliment that of our Mid Century Tasmanian Blackwood.

The lamp base measures 7" wide x 2 1/2" deep (4" deep counting the feet) x 9 1/2" tall and the custom shade measures 10" tall x 10" in diameter. The total height of the assembled lamp from the feet to the tip of the finial is 26".

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