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Stained Glass Panel #1 with Walnut Frame

We hope this panel of framed stained glass is the first of many.  We decided to make use of some of our many scraps of stained glass from other projects to create a soldered panel of abstract design.  With no light table for visual guidance, holding pieces up to a bulb one at a time, and relying mainly on the various textural qualities of the different pieces already available to us in ‘cut off’ form, we created a panel in the tradition of Geometric Abstraction.


After the cutting, grinding, foiling and soldering were done, we created a cool American walnut frame to capture the panel with decorative bridle joints at the corners.  While this panel can be suspended before a window in the traditional manner, we elected to then build a contrasting curly maple display stand with turned dowels to hold the piece upright in a deep windowsill.  All together, it’s a spectacle of contrasting color and texture that never gets old.  Every time we look at it in the changing light, there is something new to see.  


We ‘aged’ the solder with black patina and finished the walnut and curly maple frame and stand in a hand rubbed oil and urethane finish.  The entire piece measures approximately 22” long x 12” tall x 6” deep.

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