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Stained Glass Mini Case Lights with Turned Legs

This little pair of lamps combines aspects of several different projects from the past.  One of the first lights we made was what we call a ‘case light’ consisting of four sides of wood with stained glass captured inside.  In the past, we had single pieces of glass in the front and the back was an access panel.  This time around, we have soldered panels of glass and both front and back are glass.  Each panel in each lamp was created with an independent selection of glass so that each side offers a different mood from the other side.


Additionally, the wood case was decorated with a groove design via router and this same groove design was created on the little turned legs that give the cases a bit of elevation to let the electric cords pass through.  We also used biscuits at the joints instead of a lock mitre, and the light is inserted through an opening in the bottom of the case. 


We plan to make more of these little gems, with various woods and in various sizes.  These little guys measure 5” wide x 7” tall (plus another inch with the legs) x 2 1/2” deep, and are finished in  a oil and urethane semi gloss.

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