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Hawaiian Koa Live Edge Console Table

Live Edge Koa Console Table
Koa Live Edge Console Table
Koa Console Table
Lapped corners

The inspiration for this item, which we see as a creative mix of table and sculpture, was an ungainly hunk of Hawaiian Koa found at a regional lumber yard. When we encountered it, the beautiful flat portion that now serves as a table top was merely the somewhat flat side of one gnarly looking log with multiple branch cut-offs. We had to use a chainsaw to get enough of the back cleaned up that we could begin to consider its formal possibilities at all. After that, many rounds with the angle grinder and sander were required. A tabletop was born. We then married it with another hunk of Koa found on the same trip—the one that became the four tapered legs of this table and was an absolute joy to work with. It was hard to believe that these two pieces of wood came from the same kind of tree. To unite these pieces, and to show off the grain variations, we used American walnut for the table frame. These are connected to one another via lap joints and are designed to ‘present’ the live edge Koa top as the sculptural object that it is via the use of negative space around the perimeter. Hidden dowels connect this framing system to the legs and the slab top. The entire piece is finished with a rub-on, oil based clear urethane finish that adds to the satiny look of the wood grain. This table measures 32” long (tip to tip of the Koa slab) x 34” tall x 18” deep (tip to tip of the walnut frame)

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