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Koa Live Edge Lamp

A reprise of an earlier lamp design done in black walnut, this live edge Hawaiian Koa lamp is every bit as cool as the first one. It is solid Koa, with the 4 live edge side panels being quarter sawn from one log, and the corner/leg pieces and base flat sawn from two other pieces. Once cut, the pieces were hand sanded, and the sides joined with biscuits for added support. The lamp includes a special satin light bulb with amber finish, with a candelabra base, that enhances the grain and color of the interior of the lamp and gives an effect of a soft candle glow. The rainbow color spectrum on both sides of the live edge panels is truly spectacular, whether the lamp is lit or not, and varies throughout the day as exterior lighting conditions change. The hand-rubbed oil and urethane finish further enhances the look, with a subtle satin sheen that makes the grain really pop! This piece has a rustic ‘driftwood’ effect to it, and would compliment a variety of decor styles. At 15” tall x 6” wide x 6” deep, this lamp can fit comfortably on an end table, console table, nightstand or desk—pretty much anywhere you desire some super cool accent lighting. The attached cord is 6’ long and has an inline switch.


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