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Hawaiian Koa Art Deco Slab Lamp 

Art Deco meets Mid-Century in this quirky, personality-filled lamp. The base is solid Hawaiian Koa wood, with American walnut feet and matching decorative collar around the top. We acquired a small slab of Koa from a regional lumber yard some time ago, and looked at it for a long time before settling on making it into this lamp.  

It has a beautiful ‘quilted’ golden sheen that we wanted to show to best advantage. Finished with a hand-rubbed oil and urethane blend, all of the grain details really pop, and make the dark walnut a natural match in coloring.  

For illustration purposes only, the lamp is shown with two different types of shades—a square ‘spider’ style that uses a gold harp and Art Deco finial that match the Koa wood, and an oval style that is ‘uno’ and thus uses no harp. We are offering this lamp without any shade, as we believe people mostly like to choose their own in order to match their decor styles. If you like, however, the lamp can be ordered with the harp and matching finial.  

This lamp, not including a harp/shade, measures 8” wide x 9” tall x 6” deep (tip to tip of the feet).

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