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Lemon Lime Bandsaw Box

This little item is our first bandsaw box. We studied the work of several other woodworkers in this form and got excited about the possibilities, but not knowing what to expect, we decided to use a small piece of poplar leftover from another project for our first foray. It was an interesting challenge, as it requires sort of thinking in the reverse—ignoring the outermost areas of the wood block that will end up as scrap, and ignoring the innermost areas that will also be set aside, all while considering what the inner grains of the wood will look like once you cut in. It is a lot like cracking open a geode, and we are delighted with our first go. The box is made of poplar and finished in acrylic paints—its name emerging from the process of cutting and painting. It measures 5” tall x 3” wide x 3” deep.

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