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Live Edge Cedar Quilt

Live Edge Cedar was inspired by our woodworking efforts with live edge materials (especially our live edge cedar bench), and by a photograph in a woodworking magazine in which someone had created a live edge cabinet door and framed the piece to fit the front of the cabinet by leaving a gap/negative space between the frame and the single live edge of the feature wood. I made the quilt spontaneously with the small variety of fabrics I had on hand rather than shopping for the ‘perfect’ materials. The result is a quilt of burlap backing and a thin cotton face, onto which are appliquéd the cedar ‘knots’ from upholstery remnants and the ‘grain’ from pleather scraps (a heavy-onto-light layering method that many say shouldn’t be done). The wood grain is further enhanced with two colors of acrylic yarn and a thin layer of cream satin to symbolize the outer layer of wood just under the bark. The appliqué and quilting are by hand, and the quilt is affixed to a lap-jointed frame of knotty white pine (finished with a combination of Danish oil and Moroccan teak oil stain) with upholstery tacks. The piece measures 30” x 50” including the frame.

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