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White Oak and Black Walnut Valet Box

We started this project a while ago and then it got moved to the back burner. Now, it's back and we are glad we waited, as the idea for it is stronger now than it was initially. This valet box is constructed primarily from white oak, and the base and lid are trimmed in black walnut. The case joints are biscuit mitered, and the walnut trim/skirt at the base provides extra support, with a rabbet for the box bottom. The interior of the box, the bottom of which is lined for extra cushioning, has ample space for wallet, keys, and other small pocket items, plus an elevated removable recharging shelf sized to hold a smart phone (with a hole for the cord feeding through the back of the box). The removable lid, featuring an epoxy-filled decorative knot, is slanted front to back and the trim prevents items like phones or pens from rolling off. We enjoy the high contrast of oak on walnut coloring and thus chose to finish the piece with clear satin polyurethane to preserve the look.


This box measures 10" long x 7" deep x 6" tall.

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