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Retro Bandsaw Box Table Lamp—Bright Green

This wild creation began life as a set of four reclaimed pine 2x4 cut-offs destined for a scrap heap. We glued the 4 pieces together to form a cube, and then proceeded with design and cut-out for a bandsaw box.


As soon as the cut-out was complete, though, we knew that what had been intended as a box was in reality also a lamp! So, we hollowed out the wood section that would have been the box lid and captured some stained glass in it. Then, we cut away some of the perimeter of the section of wood that would have been the box bottom to allow light to also flow out from the underside of the lamp.


Finally, what would have been the leftover plug from the box became a pedestal. The entire look, including the two-tone green acrylic paint finish, is classic, funky 1960s-1970s retro. This emerald-green gem measures 6 1/2” tall x 6 1/2” long x 5” wide

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