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Splayed Leg Console Table and Matching Rolling Chest

This matched set is a different sort of project for us because it features reclaimed/repurposed items. We came across a single bundle of marble wood at a local nonprofit dedicated to reclaiming and repurposing home construction and decor items. We kept the bundle for a long time before finally settling on a suitable project. In the end, pragmatism ruled the day. We needed a console table for our sunroom and a place to house our collection of vinyl so that we could actually listen to them! We selected poplar for the legs and corners because we had a ready supply of pieces thick enough to serve the purpose and because we knew that poplar could easily be stained to a deep enough brown to match the marbling in the reclaimed flooring and the woods in the other pieces of furniture in that room. We made the table first, and this was a relatively straight forward process. The rolling chest was far more challenging. It of course had to fit comfortably underneath the table, but it also had to be of dimensions suitable for holding all of our vinyl. We barely made it, and it took many trips between the sunroom and the workshop to measure, test the fit and angles, remeasure, and so forth. The repurposed marble wood flooring of course needed no additional finishing. The poplar structure was stained with an oil based brush on wood stain and then sealed with three coats of clear polyurethane for a satin finish that matched the flooring. The chest is assembled with pocket screws, which normally would not be an attractive outcome. But in this case it didn’t matter, because the entire chest was lined with quilt batting and upholstery fabric that coordinated with the fabrics of the room, to make for a lovely interior that was also padded for the protection of the albums within. The table in this set measures 45” long x 28” high x 17” deep, and the chest, including the vintage repurposed wooden wheels, measures 36” long x 21” high x 17” deep.

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